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Frankenstein -  cover


Dr. Victor Frankenstein wanted to create perfection. Mixing science and alchemy, he wanted to stitch the rotting remains of the stolen dead into a giant of superhuman strength and beauty. He almost succeeded. The thing breathed, it moved, it opened its eyes... and at the sight, the young doctor fled into the night, shrieking with horror. When Dr. Frankenstein returned to his lab, the creature was gone. But it was still alive. Seeking friends, the fiend found enemies; seeking hope, it found hate. Loathed by humanity, shunned by its own maker, the monster vowed to get revenge for having been born. Unstoppable, unholy, it would travel to the ends of the earth to destroy its creator— by destroying everyone Dr. Frankenstein loved...

Horror, Literature

Book Details

  • Narrative:
    First Person
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  • Authors:
    • Mary Shelley
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  • Publication Date:
    Apr 1980
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