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Batman - 452 cover


Beneath the brick and mortar of modern Gotham, a centuries old secret stirs. Batman is led through a labyrinthine urban maze by his old nemesis the Riddler, who seems to have changed into an abominable monster with one purpose: to drive Batman insane. Why the elaborate ruses and constructs? What is the Riddler really trying to achieve? Find out in Dark Knight, Dark City. The story is split into two parts, past and present. In the past writer Peter Milligan is exploring the occult connection in The Batman universe. In the present, Bruce Wayne is taken on a gauntlet of trials set up by The Riddler. The Riddler would become obsessed with the Tarot card of The Hangman, which is used as a symbol for the need of Sacrifice. The Hangman is also The Riddler's codeword for The Barman.

Issue #:

Comic Details

  • Era:
    Copper Age
  • Type:
  • Series:
  • Created By:
    Kane, Bob
  • Genre:
  • Writers:
    • Milligan, Peter
  • Colorists:
    • Roy, Adrienne
  • Characters:
  • Cover Artists:
    • Mignola, Mike
  • Inkers:
    • Janke, Dennis
  • Editors:
    • O'Neil, Denny
  • Letterers:
    • Constanza, John
  • Pencillers:
    • Dwyer, Kieron
  • Artists:

Disc Details

  • Real Barcode:
  • Cover Date:
  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Publisher:
    DC Comics
  • Cover Price:

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