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Batman - 439 cover


Boss Zucco has been killed and suddenly the criminals of Gotham are falling over one another to get hold of a book he kept detailing their secrets. Still working separately, Batman and Nightwing trace the book to a hiding place in the orphanage where both Zucco and Dick Grayson spent some of their childhoods (though decades apart). The book is destroyed, and the relationship between Batman and Nightwing begins to mend.

Issue #:

Comic Details

  • Era:
    Copper Age
  • Type:
  • Series:
    Batman (1940-2011)
  • Created By:
    Bob Kane
  • Genre:
    Action*Adventure*Crime*Detective*Fiction*Science Fiction*Superhero
  • Writers:
    • Wolfman, Marv
    • Marv Wolfman
  • Colorists:
    • Roy, Adrienne
    • Adrienne Roy
  • Characters:
  • Cover Artists:
    • Pérez, George
    • George Perez
    • Pérez, George
  • Inkers:
    • Michael Bair
  • Editors:
    • O'Neil, Denny
    • Denny O'Neil
  • Letterers:
    • John Costanza
  • Pencillers:
    • Pat Broderick
  • Artists:

Disc Details

  • Real Barcode:
  • Cover Date:
  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Publisher:
    DC Comics Inc.
  • Cover Price:

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