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Batman - 195 cover


Acting on a tip from Billy Blabbermouth, sneak-thief Ned Creegan journeys to Nevil Logan's laboratory, to steal jewels. Creegan beats Logan into unconsciousness, then pries the jewels from a radiation projector, in the testing room. Creegan takes his bounty of jewels to noted underworld fence, Charley Rivets. Unfortunately for Creegan, he's on site when Batman and Robin arrive to bust Rivets. Creegan makes a run for it, but the Batman takes him down. Meanwhile, Robin is left to handle Rivets on his own. With the two criminals quickly subdued, the Dynamic Duo are suddenly taken aback by the strange change that comes over Creegan. The sneak-thief's body becomes transparent, revealing his glowing skeleton, and his very touch has become electric. He lashes out, first at Batman, then Robin, dropping them both with an electric charge. Horrified at his appearance in a mirror, Creegan's distraction gives the Caped Crusaders time to recover.

Issue #:

Comic Details

  • Era:
    Silver Age
  • Type:
  • Series:
  • Created By:
    Kane, Bob
  • Genre:
  • Writers:
  • Colorists:
  • Characters:
  • Cover Artists:
  • Inkers:
  • Editors:
  • Letterers:
  • Pencillers:
  • Artists:

Disc Details

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  • Cover Date:
  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Publisher:
  • Cover Price:

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