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Batman - 476 cover


Batman tried to tell Vicki his secret identity, but eventually decided not to. Also Scarface and his gang decided to get revenge on those who betrayed him, which include the Mexican Turncoats and the Street Demonz. He started his revenge by notifying the police of a trade going on between the two gangs, which he learned from one of the gang's member who was named Brute. While the gangs were exchanging money for drugs, Batman and Gordan's police force, attacked the two gangs and led them into a building. Gordon was almost shot and he lost his glasses while Batman discovered that Scarface had planted a bomb on the building. Batman warned the police and the two gangs to get out, but the gangs didn't listen. Batman saved Gordon and escaped the building through a window. The building eventually exploded and the two gangs were taken down.

Issue #:

Comic Details

  • Era:
    Modern Age
  • Type:
  • Series:
    Batman (Vol. 1)
  • Created By:
    Kane, Bob
  • Genre:
  • Writers:
    • Grant, Alan
  • Colorists:
    • Roy, Adrienne
  • Characters:
  • Cover Artists:
    • Breyfogle, Norm
  • Inkers:
  • Editors:
  • Letterers:
    • Klein, Todd
  • Pencillers:
    • Breyfogle, Norm
  • Artists:
    • Breyfogle, Norm

Disc Details

  • Real Barcode:
  • Cover Date:
  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Publisher:
  • Cover Price:

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