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Pinkie Brown is a small-town hoodlum who is the leader of a gang of thugs who runs a protection racket based at the Brighton race course in the 1930's. Pinkie is known for his short fuse and brutality so when he orders the murder of a rival, Fred, it is no surprise and very much in his character. Pinkie believes nonetheless that he has gotten away with the murder as the police believe it to be suicide. This doesn't convince Ida Arnold however as she was with Fred just before he died, and she sets out to find the truth. She comes across naive waitress Rose Brown, who is the only person who can prove that Fred was murdered. In an attempt to keep Rose quiet and to stop her from testifying against him, Pinkie comes up with an ingenious plan, he decides to marry her. But will things go to plan and everything turn out alright or will Ida convince Rose to testify against Pinkie after all?

Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Thriller, Gangster, Film Noir

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    87 min.
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    Snap Case
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