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Charmed 15 -  cover

Charmed 15 (Season 2 & 3) 

Season Two, episodes 22-23; Season Three, episode 1: (Apocalypse, Not) When Prue gets trapped in a vortex with one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, her magical sisters must work with the other three evil equestrians to save her; (Be Careful What You Witch For) A mischievous genie working for an evil force grants the Halliwells a wish each, with some disastrous consequences!; (The Honeymoon’s Over) Prue and Phoebe wonder if Piper will ever return from her supernatural trip with Leo. When she gets back, the sisters get involved in a court case crawling with evil demons.

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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    126 min.
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    Snap Case
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