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Creep - DVD cover


London, midnight, on a cold evening Kate is heading home after a party, unable to find a taxi she heads for the underground. She takes a seat away from a crowd of late night revellers and waits for the last train home. Before long she drifts off to sleep while waiting for her train. She awakens to find everyone gone and finds herself trapped in the underground, as all the doors are locked for the evening. Then while she is being attacked by a co-worker who has followed her, a mysterious unseen creature drags him away and kills him. She is not alone in the darkness. This begins a terrifying ordeal, as Kate and a young homeless couple are stalked through the dark tunnels by something dangerous with violence on its mind and the only way they can survive the night they’ll have to fight for their lives against an unimaginable horror too terrifying for the light of day.

Horror, Suspense

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    82 min.
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