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Dexter - DVD cover

Dexter (Season 1) 

Orphaned at the age of three by his mother’s murder, Dexter Morgan is adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan and his wife Doris. After discovering young Dexter had been killing neighborhood pets for years, Harry tells Dexter he believes the need to kill ”got into” him too early, and Dexter’s need to kill will only grow. To keep Dexter from killing innocent people, Harry teaches him The Code: Most importantly, Dexter must never get caught. Dexter’s victims must be killers themselves who have killed without justifiable cause and are likely to do so again. Dexter must always be sure of his target’s guilt, thus he frequently goes to great lengths to obtain undeniable proof of his victim’s guilt. Flashbacks throughout the series show Harry (who died several years previously) teaching Dexter how to fake normal human emotion and social behavior and how to cover his tracks after a kill. Dexter follows The Code religiously to satisfy the ”Dark Passenger” (the name assigned to his urge to kill). However, in Season 4, he hastily kills a photographer later proven innocent. Like many serial killers, Dexter keeps a trophy of each kill: he slices his victim’s cheek with a scalpel to collect a droplet of their blood, which he preserves on a blood slide. He stores his collection in a wooden box concealed within his air conditioner. At the beginning of the series, Dexter believes he has no emotions and must work constantly to appear normal and blend with well-adjusted human beings. Dexter is typically capable of faking ”normal” human emotion to a degree that he is generally invisible and unremarkable to all save those with keen insight into the telltale signs of disguised antisocial personality (i.e., Doakes, Lundy). Remarkably, people tend to gravitate to Dexter despite himself, such that he inadvertently finds himself saddled with unexpected friends, acquaintances, and even lovers. The closest he approaches the emotion of love is his ”fondness” for his adoptive sister Debra. She is unaware of Harry’s training but harbors lingering jealousy of the perceived preferential treatment Harry gave Dexter. In the first season, Dexter dates a woman named Rita as part of the ”disguise of normalcy”. Rita, subconsciously traumatized by years of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Paul Bennett, initially cannot bring herself to be physically intimate with another male. This suits Dexter, who believes physical intimacy and closeness might unveil his true personality. He is fond of (and good with) children in general, particularly Rita’s children Astor and Cody. But his attachment to Debra, Rita, Astor, and Cody (and later his biological son, Harrison) complicates his double life, causing him to question his ”need” to kill.

Drama, Crime, Thriller

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