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Firefly: The Complete Series -  cover

Firefly: The Complete Series 

Five hundred years in the future there's a whole new frontier, and a crew of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity is eager to stake a claim on the action. They'll take any job, legal or illegal, to keep fuel in the tanks and food on the table. But things get a bit more complicated after they take on a passenger wanted by the new totalitarian Alliance regime. Now they find themselves on the run, desperate to steer clear of Alliance ships and the flesh-eating Reavers who live on the fringes of space. Episodes: 1. Serenity (part 1) 2. Serenity (part 2) 3. The Train Job 4. Bushwhacked 5. Shindig 6. Safe 7. Our Mrs. Reynolds 8. Jaynestown 9. Out of Gas 10. Ariel 11. War Stories 12. Trash 13. The Message 14. Heart of Gold 15. Objects in Space

Adventure, Sci-Fi

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