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Gnomeo & Juliet - Betamax cover

Gnomeo & Juliet 

Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet (Julie Walters and Richard Wilson) are two elderly neighbors who despise each other. When they leave the garden, objects come alive in both their gardens. The Montague garden is filled with blue garden gnomes, and the Capulet garden houses red garden gnomes. Later, both blue and red gnomes attend a lawnmower race. Representing the blues is Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and representing the reds is Tybalt (Jason Statham). During the race, it looks like Gnomeo is winning; however, Tybalt cheats and wins the race, destroying Gnomeo’s lawnmower. Gnomeo and his best friend, Benny (Matt Lucas), insult Tybalt for cheating, but Tybalt ignores them. Benny watches Mrs. Montague ordering a new cheap lawnmower called The Kitten Clipper, disappointed. Later that night, Gnomeo and Benny infiltrate the red garden in disguise, with blue spray cans. Benny sprays Tybalt’s well and accidentally triggers a security light in the process, alerting the red gnomes to attack. During the escape Gnomeo ends up in a nearby neglected garden. He bumps into a disguised Juliet (Emily Blunt), the daughter of the red gnomes leader Lord Redbrick (Michael Caine). Juliet is attempting to retrieve a unique orchid, and the two romantically fight over it. They each discover the other’s colour before fleeing the garden. When they both go back to their gardens, Juliet tells her frog friend Nanette (Ashley Jensen) about her newfound love. Nanette states that the relationship is romantically tragic. Gnomeo and Juliet then have secret meetings in a secret garden, where they meet a pink plastic flamingo named Featherstone (Jim Cummings). He encourages their love, and the two begin to meet regularly. Though when the two of them are getting ready for a date, Lord Redbrick introduces Juliet to Paris (Stephen Merchant), a red gnome that Nanette has fallen for, though Juliet manages to get away. Later, when the two return back to their gardens, Gnomeo finds his mother Lady Bluebury (Maggie Smith), who is distraught after the reds infiltrated the garden and destroyed the plant Gnomeo’s deceased father planted. The blues want Gnomeo to take revenge on the reds, and he realizes that he cannot refuse unless he tells his secret. He tunnels underneath to reach the red garden, but just as he is about to spray the prized flowers of the reds, Juliet sees him. He backs out suddenly, telling Benny that the nozzle on the spraying bottle was jammed. When he and Juliet meet up again, they briefly argue until Featherstone stops them, telling them that other people’s hate destroyed his love. He and his girlfriend were separated when the two people living in the house, where their garden was, got divorced. After he has explained this, Gnomeo and Juliet apologize, but when they are about to kiss, Benny sees them, distracts them, then runs into the alleyway, where Tybalt is waiting with his lawnmower. Tybalt drives at Benny, chops his hat clean off with a trowel, and attempts to run him down with his lawnmower. Tybalt is interrupted by Gnomeo, and he is destroyed when crashing into a wall, killing him. The reds attempt to attack Gnomeo, but Juliet, to the surprise of her father and clan, defends Gnomeo, saying that she loves him. A woman suddenly jogs along, so all gnomes become still and inconspicuous. Gnomeo ends up on a road, and everyone believes he was run over by a truck. Lord Redbrick has Juliet glued to her fountain because he does not want to lose her like her mother. Gnomeo’s pet, a mushroom named Shroom, is left alone and goes on the road, where he realizes that what appeared to be Gnomeo is actually a broken blue teapot, and that Gnomeo is still alive. Gnomeo eventually ends up in a park, and climbs onto a statue of William Shakespeare (Patrick Stewart) and tells him his story. Shakespeare tells Gnomeo that his story is very similar to Romeo and Juliet and that it is likely Gnomeo’s will have a sad ending as well, however, Gnomeo refuses to accept that sort of ending. Shroom and Featherstone come to find him. Benny, meanwhile, cancels the order of the Kitten Clipper and buys the Terrafirminator lawnmower using the computer, to get revenge on the Red Gnomes, despite Shroom trying to convince him that Gnomeo is still alive. The Terrafirminator goes out of control and destroys most of the two gardens while the gnomes wage a full scale war. Gnomeo makes it back to Juliet to try to un-glue her, but he is unable to. She tells him to go, but he refuses, and the two share a kiss just as the lawnmower crashes into the fountain, self-destructing in the process. Everyone believes that both Gnomeo and Juliet are dead. Lord Redbrick and Lady Bluebury, both realizing that their feud was responsible for this, decide to end the feud. As they do, they accidentally trigger a switch, which causes a massive tropical castle display to rise up from the remains of Juliet’s pedestal. Much to the astonishment of all the gnomes, both Gnomeo and Juliet are revealed to have survived as they rise from the ruins. The residents of the gardens celebrate just as Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet return to find their yards destroyed. The film ends happily with the red and blue gnomes finally coming together to celebrate their newfound peace. Tybalt is also revealed to still be alive, having been glued back together, and presumably has a more pleasant disposition. Featherstone is also reunited with his girlfriend after Benny finds and orders her online. Meanwhile, Gnomeo and Juliet get married on a purple lawnmower, which symbolizes the new union of both gnome clans.

Comedy, Children, Animation

Movie Details

  • Studio:
    Paramount Pictures
  • Second Studio:
    Rocket Pictures
  • Rating:
  • Release Date:
  • Actors:
  • Directors:
  • Genres:
    • Comedy
    • Children
    • Animation
  • Extras:
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Music Videos
    • Interviews With The Cast
  • Audio:
    • English - DTS-HD Master 7.1
  • Subtitles:
    • English
    • English SDH
  • Critic Rating:

Disc Details

  • Barcode:
  • Length:
    84 min.
  • Size:
    25 GB (Blu)
  • Discs:
  • Digital Copy:
  • BD Live:
  • Packaging:
    Snap Case
  • Region:
  • Country:
  • Resolution:
  • Ratio:
  • Original Ratio:
  • Codec:
    MPEG-4 AVC
  • Type:

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