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Kung Fu Panda 2 - DVD cover

Kung Fu Panda 2 

Po, the plump but fearless Dragon Warrior, now rests on his laurels, living a sweet and easy life along with his equally enlightened friends--Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Crane, and Mantis--in the serene Valley of Peace. However, as Po hones his skills of inner peace, the villainous peacock, Lord Shen, and his invincible secret weapon suddenly appear, threatening to conquer China. Now, before this new formidable adversary, the black-and-white Kung Fu master needs to delve deep into his unknown origins to have a fighting chance, and above all, fulfil his destiny; nevertheless, is he prepared to unearth a well-hidden secret? Can Po and the powerful Furious Five take down Shen and his mighty army?

Blu-ray, DVD

Movie Details

Disc Details

  • Barcode:
  • Length:
    105 min.
  • Size:
    25 GB (Blu)
  • Discs:
  • Digital Copy:
  • BD Live:
  • Packaging:
  • Region:
  • Country:
  • Resolution:
  • Ratio:
  • Original Ratio:
  • Codec:
  • Type:

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