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Munich, 1918. German-Jew Max Rothman has returned to much of his pre-war life which includes to his wife Nina and their two children, to his mistress Liselore von Peltz, and to his work as an art dealer. He has however not returned to being an aspiring painter as he lost his dominant right arm during the war. He is approached by an aspiring painter, a thirty-year old Austrian-Jew war veteran named Adolf Hitler, who wants him to show his works. Although he doesn’t think the paintings are all that original and he doesn’t really like Hitler as a person, Rothman takes Hitler under his wings if only because of their camaraderie of being war veterans, and knowing that Hitler had nothing and no one to come back to after the war unlike himself. Rothman believes that Hitler has promise if only he can find his original artistic point of view. In part out of need for money, Hitler, on the urging of Captain Karl Mayr... Written by Huggo Und ... Der Fuhrer is een betere kunstenaar dan Churchill!” -- ”De producenten” Het centrale mysterie van Hitler, schrijft William Boyd in een recent Times Literary Supplement, luidt: ”Hoe kan in vredesnaam een ​​disfunctionele, gestoorde, down-and-out dakloze persoon in de pre-Eerste Wereldoorlog Wenen worden, 20 jaar later, Kanselier van Duitsland?” Een eigenaardige en intrigerende film met de naam ”Max” beweert dat hij erin slaagde omdat hij zo’n brandende behoefte had om erkend te worden - en natuurlijk ook vanwege geluk, goed voor hem, slecht voor ons. Als Hitler beroemd was geworden als kunstenaar, dan was de geschiedenis van de eeuw misschien anders geweest. Jammer van zijn kunst.

Drama, History

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