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Once Upon A Time -  cover

Once Upon A Time (Season 1) 

The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales and other stories that were transported to the "real world" town and robbed of their original memories by the Evil Queen Regina, using a powerful curse obtained from Rumplestilskin. The residents of Storybrooke, where Regina is mayor, have lived an unchanging existence for 28 years, unaware of their own lack of aging. The town's only hope lies with a bail bonds-woman and bounty hunter named Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who was transported from the Enchanted Forest (which was also called Misthaven) to our world as an infant before she could be cursed. As such, she is the only person who can break the curse and restore the characters' lost memories. She is aided by her son, Henry, with whom she has recently reunited after giving him up for adoption upon his birth, and his Once Upon a Time book of fairy tales that holds the key to ending the curse. Henry is also the adopted son of Regina, providing a source of both conflict and common interest between the two women. Episodes usually have one segment that details the characters' past lives which, when serialized, adds a piece to the puzzle about the characters and their connection to the events that preceded the curse and its consequences. The other, set in the present day, follows a similar pattern with a different outcome but also offers similar insights. The first season of Once Upon a Time begins with the Evil Queen interrupting the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming to announce that she will cast a curse on everyone that will leave her with the only happy ending. The majority of the fairy tale characters are transported to the town of Storybrooke, Maine, where they have been stripped of their actual memories and identities as fairy tale characters. The show is based on the theory that there is an alternate universe where every classic fairy tale character exists - a world that has a loose connection to our world. On the night of her 28th birthday, bail bonds collector Emma Swan is reunited with Henry Mills - the son she gave up for adoption ten years ago - and takes him back to his hometown of Storybrooke, Maine - a place where nothing is what it seems. Henry has in his possession a large book of fairy tales and is convinced that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who sent her away so she would be protected from a powerful curse enacted by the Evil Queen, a curse in which she is the only one with a happy ending. It's because of the curse that everyone in Storybrooke is frozen in time with no memories of their former selves - except for the Queen, who is Storybrooke's mayor and Henry's adoptive mother, Regina Mills. Emma refuses to believe a word of Henry's "theory" and returns Henry home, but then decides to remain in the New England town...and causes the hands of the clock tower to move for the first time in 28 years. It's soon revealed that Snow and Charming, concerned for the safety of their unborn child, went to seek advice from the imprisoned trickster Rumplestilskin, who told them their only hope is the child, who would return on her 28th birthday and begin "The Final Battle". The child, an infant girl, is born on the day the Queen enacts her curse and is placed in a wardrobe carved out of an enchanted tree which takes the child to our world, where she is raised by adoptive parents as Emma Swan. As Emma stays in Storybrooke and soon becomes Sheriff following the sudden death of Graham Humbert, Regina's antagonistic attitude raises her suspicions and prompt her to move in with Henry's teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard, who is really her mother Snow White. Regina's bitter rivalry with Storybrooke's wealthiest resident Mr. Gold becomes heated when she learns he is aware of his true identity as Rumplestiltskin and Mary Margaret falls in love with David Nolan, a patient awake after being in a coma who is in reality Emma's father Prince Charming. David however is married to Kathryn Nolan, the woman who is (in the fairy tale world) his ex-fiancee Princess Abigail daughter to King Midas. Unable to deny their love, David and Mary Margaret soon begin a secret relationship that becomes public and upsets Kathryn. Kathryn eventually decides to go to Boston and let David be with Mary Margaret only to disappear before leaving Storybrooke, due to an effect of the curse being that no one can leave the town. Some time later an antique jewelry box which belonged to Mary Margaret when she was a child is found buried near the old toll bridge and is revealed to contain a human heart which is proven to be Kathryn's via DNA testing. Mary Margaret is arrested for Kathryn's supposed murder and is about to be prosecuted by corrupt District Attorney Albert Spencer when Kathryn is found alive in an alley. She reveals that someone abducted her and held her captive in a basement for several days but she managed to escape. When corrupt Daily Mirror chief editor Sidney Glass confesses to having abducted Kathryn in order to jump-start his career, Emma is not convinced and comes to the conclusion that Regina orchestrated the conspiracy. Emma soon discovers that writer August W. Booth, who is the first stranger ever to arrive in town after she did, is from the Other World and that he is Pinocchio, who was sent to our world through the same wardrobe that brought Emma to watch over her. But he abandoned her out of fear and is slowly turning back into a wooden puppet. Emma then makes an attempt to take Henry out of Storybrooke forever, but is then forced to reconsider when he refuses to go. Emma makes a deal with Regina in which she leaves but still visits Henry on occasion. But Regina knows Emma's true identity and has retrieved her poisoned apple (the same one she used on Snow White) in order to use it on Emma in the form of an apple turnover. Henry takes a bite of the turnover, collapses to the floor unconscious, and proves to Emma the curse is real. Emma, who now starts to believe after seeing flashbacks of her true past, is forced to forge an alliance with Regina and retrieves Rumplestiltskin's true love potion from underneath the Clock Tower, only to have Mr. Gold steal it leaving Emma halfway up the elevator shaft and Regina tied to a chair and gagged. When Henry is pronounced dead, Emma and Regina return to the Hospital to say goodbye to his body. Emma kisses him on the forehead, causing a pulse of energy to engulf the entire town and restore everyone's true memories while freeing Henry from the effects of the poisoned apple. Snow and Charming reunite with each other and Regina returns to her mansion alone as Emma begins to wonder why no one is returning to the Other World since the curse is broken. Rumplestiltskin reunites with his true love Belle and takes her to a Wishing Well deep in the heart of the forest, a well with the power to restore that which one had lost. He takes the potion and drops it into the well, causing a purple cloud to emerge and consume Storybrooke as the Clock Tower strikes 8:15.

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

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