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Signs - DVD cover


Hard drive - **NO** MP Hard drive - added Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) is a former Episcopalian priest. His wife Colleen (Patricia Kalember), was killed in a traffic accident caused by Ray Reddy (M. Night Shyamalan). The accident left Graham embittered and caused him to lose his faith, so he left the ministry. Graham’s younger brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), a former minor league baseball player, helps run the family farm and care for Graham’s kids, Morgan (Rory Culkin) and Bo (Abigail Breslin). Bo has a habit of leaving half-filled glasses of water around the house, because ”[they] taste funny”. One morning a mysterious crop circle is found in the cornfield, but Graham thinks it’s a hoax. That night, Bo wakes Graham up and says there’s a monster outside. Graham tucks her back into bed, but then sees the silhouette of someone standing on the barn roof. Alarmed, he fetches Merrill and they try to scare away the figure, believing it’s Lionel Pritchard, a local prankster. The brothers run screaming around the house to frighten off the intruder; it jumps from the roof and runs into the cornfield. Neither get a good view of it. The next day, Sheriff Paski (Cherry Jones) stops by to investigate the incident. She admits that unless Graham has a clear description, she can’t help him. That night, the dog barks incessantly towards the cornfield. Taking a flashlight, Graham walks into the cornfield and yells that the intruders are ”wasting [their] time.” Graham hears a noise and spots a thin green leg among the cornrows. He runs back to the house, terrified. Later the family watches the television about reports of several unidentifiable and mysterious lights hovering over Mexico City. During a talk with Merrill, Graham dismisses his brother’s belief in signs, evidence of some higher power, and says that they will have to face whatever it is alone. The following morning, Graham receives a cryptic phone call from Reddy, the man who killed his wife. Graham goes to see Ray and finds him sitting in his car wearing a bloody shirt. Meanwhile, a frightened Merrill watches footage depicting an alien near a child’s party in Brazil. Ray tells Graham that he is going to the lake, since none of the aliens have been seen near water. Before leaving, Ray pauses to apologize for the accident that killed Colleen. Then he tells Graham about an alien trapped in his pantry. Investigating, Graham uses a kitchen knife to see the reflection of the alien under the door. A clawed hand reaches out and a startled Graham cuts off two of its fingers. Back home, Graham gives the options to stay at the house or head towards the lake. They vote to stay, not wanting to leave their home. They board up the windows, preparing for an attack. Meanwhile, reports that more mysterious lights have been spotted worldwide and that the aliens are hostile. Merrill suggests that the crop circles in their cornfield, among others, are for alien navigation. Graham prepares a ”last meal” for the family, with each picking their preferred dish. Graham defiantly refuses to pray before the meal, so Morgan tells his father that he hates him; that he ”let Mom die.” Since his children won’t eat, Graham begins angrily eating off their plates, but breaks down in tears. A crying Morgan and Bo embrace their father. They are interrupted when they hear a baby monitor, which they know broadcasts the aliens’ communications, alerting them that the aliens are approaching. They listen as the aliens climb outside the house, seeking a way in. Merrill suddenly realizes that the attic was left unprotected and they quickly move to the basement, barring the door. The aliens can be heard inside the house and try to enter the basement. An alien grabs Morgan from the disused coal chute. It is driven away, but Morgan has an asthma attack. Graham realizes his inhaler was left upstairs, so he calms Morgan, hoping that the boy’s breathing would return to normal. The next morning, Morgan’s condition has improved and the radio reports that aliens are retreating. They return upstairs but are ambushed by a lone alien, who takes the comatose Morgan hostage. Graham notices two fingers are missing, meaning it was the alien trapped in Reddy’s pantry. Graham suddenly remembers the night that his wife died. She was pinned by a car and the Sheriff tells Graham that when the car is moved his wife will die. He talks to her and she tells him to let Morgan have fun and be silly, and for Bo to always listen to her brother because he will take care of her. She then tells Graham to ”see” and tells Merrill to ”swing away.” Graham realizes there was meaning in his wife’s final words. Looking around, he sees Merrill’s mounted record home run bat, next to Merrill. He tells Merrill to ”swing away.” Merrill understands and grabs the bat. Sensing an attack, the alien sprays a toxin into Morgan’s face. Merrill swings at the alien, who then drops Morgan, causing one of Bo’s water glasses to spill on it. The water acts like acid on the alien’s skin, so Merrill starts smashing all of the half-filled glasses, before finally knocking the alien into a table, where water glasses spilled directly onto its face, killing it.

Sci-Fi, Thriller

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