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The Aladdin Trilogy -  cover

The Aladdin Trilogy 

ALADDIN, the commoner who - with a little help from his mischievous pet monkey Abu, his magical flying carpet and his outrageously funny Genie - outsmarts the evil sorcerer Jafar and wins the heart of Princess Jasmine! But Jafar isn't easily beaten, and in THE RETURN OF JAFAR, he escapes from the lamp that has held him prisoner with even stronger magical powers - and a thirst for revenge! In ALADDIN AND THE KING OF THIEVES, it appears Jasmine and Aladdin will finally get married - but first Aladdin must stop the legendary Forty Thieves from stealing a mysterious wedding gift! These three spectacular movies are magical adventures your family will enjoy again and again!

Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation

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