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The Hunting Party -  cover

The Hunting Party 

After years of covering one armed conflict after another, American journalist Simon Hunt (Richard Gere) is in Bosnia-Herzegovina in early 1994 reporting on the war taking place there. In parallel, he’s managed to romance a local Muslim girl who is pregnant with his child. However, in the late stages of her pregnancy, she gets killed by the Bosnian Serb forces when they overrun her village. Upon seeing the carnage, Simon vows revenge on the Bosnian Serb political leader Radoslav Bogdanovi\303\204\302\207\303\242\302\200\302\224known as ”The Fox”. Reporting on the gruesome event later that day in a live remote link-up, Simon loses his composure at the network anchor Franklin Harris’ (James Brolin) suggestion that the Serb attack may have been a reaction to Muslim provocation attacks from inside the village. As a result of his on-air meltdown, Simon’s journalistic career takes a tumble. While his professional prospects spiral downhill, those of his long-time camera man Duck (Terrence Howard) go in the opposite direction. Duck gets a cushy job at the network, while Hunt is left following war after war, as a freelancer, in an attempt to get back on US network television map. Years later in fall 2000, Duck returns to Bosnian capital Sarajevo to shoot a ”puff piece” of the network anchor Franklin Harris covering the fifth anniversary of the agreement that ended the war, along with fresh-out-of-Harvard young journalist, and son of the network vice-president, Benjamin (Jesse Eisenberg). Duck runs into old buddy Simon. Once a US network star reporter, Simon is by this point, a desperate half-drunk cynic reduced to filing freelance reports for underfunded news outlets in places like Jamaica and Poland. All the while, he’s looking for a story big enough to propel him back to the realm of credibility. He tells Duck that, through a source, he has located Bogdanovi\303\204\302\207 who is now wanted for war crimes with a US$5 million bounty on his head, and that he’d be interested in trying to score an interview with the fugitive. The Fox is assumed to be in the village of \303\204\302\214elebi\303\204\302\207i in Republika Srpska (Serbian entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina), near the border with Montenegro with various stories circulating about him, such as that he enjoys fox hunting and that the head of his security detail is a ruthless psychopath with a tattooed forehead. Convinced by Simon, Duck comes along to shoot the interview, with Benjamin in tow. On the way, Simon confesses his plan to capture the Fox\303\242\302\200\302\224something Duck and Benjamin consider insane even to think about. Along the way, the group is mistaken for a CIA hit squad by several groups, including the United Nations police force and the Serbs themselves; at one point, at the initiative of Benjamin, they claim to be CIA agents themselves, using a threat to avoid paying a fee for a tip. Still, Boris (Mark Ivanir), the local area UN commander puts them in touch with a woman claiming to have been romantically involved with the Fox’s main bodyguard Srdjan. Simon, Duck, and Benjamin are then captured by the Fox’s guards and taken to a barn to be executed where axe-wielding Srdjan\303\242\302\200\302\224who’s got the phrase \303\221\302\203\303\220\302\274\303\221\302\200\303\220\302\276 \303\220\302\277\303\221\302\200\303\220\302\265 \303\221\302\200\303\220\302\276\303\221\302\222\303\220\302\265\303\221\302\232\303\220\302\260 (’died before birth’) tattooed on his forehead in Cyrillic alphabet\303\242\302\200\302\224is preparing to kill them through torture. At the last moment, a team of CIA assassins storms the barn and frees the journalists, but Fox escapes. It quickly becomes evident to the journalists that, even in the international community, there are people who do not wish the Fox to be captured. The CIA orders the journalists to board an airplane bound for the US, but they run away to carry out their plan to catch the Fox. They capture him while he is hunting in the woods without his guards. The journalists then release him, with his hands securely bound, in a village called Polje filled with the surviving family members of victims of his wa


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