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The Shining - DVD cover

The Shining 

Thanks to Stanley Kubricks ingenious adaptation of Stephen Kings novel of the same name, "The Shining" not only brought unfaltering fame to both writer and director - it also launched actor Jack Nicholson into the realm of superstardom. His eerie and blood-curdling "Tonight Show" cry "Heeeeeeeeres Johnny!" has become one of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema. Recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and young son Danny (Danny Lloyd) to live in the now empty Overlook Hotel, a palatial resort in the Colorado Rockies where he has been hired as off-season caretaker. As the weeks pass, each member of the family experiences some form of chilling hallucinatory episode. Danny, the most psychically gifted, is the first to catch glimpses of the bloody murders that occurred in the hotel many years before. Next, Jack begins a slow and inexorable plunge into madness. Though he doesnt consciously acknowledge his experiences, with each encounter his behavior becomes more erratic, violent, and abusive. Distracted by Dannys withdrawal and Jacks irrational behavior, Wendy is the last to succumb. In the end, she is painfully aware of her imminent danger and despite her near-hysteria manages to survive with her son. In his own words, Kings book is "just a little story about writers block." Collaberating with novelist Diane Johnson, Kubrick strikes heavily upon the novels themes of communication and isolation, reinforcing them with rich symbolism. These themes recur throughout the film, partly through the psychic ability of "shining," and partly through Jacks terrifying spiral into insanity. The film is dark, disturbing, and claustrophobic. Kubrick demonstrates his mastery of art, creating an atmosphere of great dread. Carefully selecting his camera angles and rhythms, he draws us into fear. Like all masterpieces, "The Shining" transcends its status as a literary adaptation to become not only vintage Kubrick - with spectacular aerial shots, a breathtaking and symbolic use of color, and recurrent mirror and labyrinth imagery, all enhanced by a memorable music score and Roy Walkers unforgettable production design - but a classic of modern horror cinema. Curiously, Stephen King was not particularly happy with Kubricks interpretation of his tale of the deterioration of reality and gradual descent into madness. In 1997 he collaberted with Mick Garris on a TV mini-series that follows his original novel almost to the letter.


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