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Trainspotting - Blu-ray cover


The story follows the trials and tribulations of 26-year old Mark Renton and his extended group of colourful friends as he tries to ”choose life” away from heroin abuse. In Edinburgh, Scotland, Renton’s closest friends are fellow heroin users Simon ”Sick Boy” Williamson – a charismatic hustler who knows a lot about Sean Connery – and Daniel ”Spud” Murphy, who, though outwardly weak and hapless, is a confidence trickster. Other friends include the reliable and clean-living footballer Thomas ”Tommy” MacKenzie and Francis ”Franco” Begbie – who is also clean of heroin, but is an alcoholic and chain-smoking, intense psychopath with a flair for violence and embellishment. Renton has become weary of his life on heroin and looks to change his circumstances by giving up his addiction through withdrawal. After meticulous preparation, Renton decides that he needs one final hit of heroin. Limited by urgency and options, Renton must unwillingly deal with Mikey Forrester, a drug dealer of dubious repute, who can only supply opium suppositories. Faced with little choice, Renton decides to take them, only to be hit shortly after by a violent attack of diarrhoea, due to cessation of heroin. Having seemingly kicked his habit, Renton readjusts to the world and his friends in a state of sobriety. After a night out clubbing, Renton spots a girl named Diane Coulston, with whom he becomes infatuated. Making a bold pass at her, Diane takes Renton home with her where they have sex in her bedroom, before Renton is abruptly made to sleep in the hallway. Over breakfast the next morning, Renton engages in conversation with a couple – whom he thinks are Diane’s flatmates, but who are actually her parents. Diane emerges to Renton’s horror in a full school uniform. Diane uses the encounter and her standing below the age of consent as a threat against Renton to continue their relationship. Renton, Sick Boy and Spud relapse into heroin use, and are joined by Tommy, who has since become depressed having been dumped by his girlfriend, Elizabeth, due to the unknown earlier actions of Renton. The group are then rocked by the death of Dawn, the infant daughter of Allison – a fellow user. Dawn appears to have experienced cot death without the group noticing due to being under the influence. Sick Boy is visibly more distraught than the others which suggests that he is in fact Dawn’s father. Events continue to unravel further when Renton and Spud are arrested for shoplifting, while Sick Boy escapes undetected. At their trial, Spud receives a six-month custodial sentence at HMP Saughton, while Renton escapes on probation due to entering a drug rehabilitation programme, where he is given methadone, to coax him off heroin. Despite support from his friends and family, Renton is desperate for a more substantial high and escapes to the flat of trusted friend and drug dealer, Swanney. Taking heroin on top of his methadone replacement, Renton overdoses and almost dies. Swanney sends an unconscious Renton to hospital alone in a taxi and Renton is later revived. Upon returning home, Renton’s parents lock him in his childhood bedroom to force him through a withdrawal. Trapped, Renton suffers lucid and frightening hallucinations involving his friends and family. He is released upon condition that he has a HIV/AIDS test. Despite years of sharing syringes with other addicts, Renton tests negative. Some time later, he visits Tommy, whose own heroin addiction has spiralled out of control, leaving him addicted and severely ill, having tested positive for HIV. Needing to escape, Renton moves to London for a fresh start and takes a job as a property letting agent. He begins to enjoy his new life of sobriety and corresponds with Diane, who keeps him up to date with developments back home. However, to Renton’s frustration, Begbie tracks him down and takes up refuge with him as Begbie is wanted for armed robbery back home. They are soon joined by Sick Boy, now a pimp and drug dealer, and the three share Renton’s small flat. The group are forced to return to Edinburgh, both for Tommy’s funeral and to escape the police, as Begbie is wanted for assaulting two potential buyers when Renton puts him and Sick Boy in an impossible-to-sell property being leased by Renton’s boss. Tommy died from AIDS-related toxoplasmosis and his body was left undiscovered for a number of weeks. They also meet up with Spud, who has since been released from prison, and, together again, Sick Boy reveals a lucrative proposition to the group. Sick Boy has learned that Mikey Forrester (who sold Renton the opium suppositories) has come into possession of two kilos of high-quality heroin and is eager to sell. The group, however, are short of the £4,000 asking price. Unknown to Renton, Begbie had secretly seen Renton’s bank statement, whilst staying in London, and when Renton initially lies about his savings, he is eventually pressured into stumping up the remaining £2,000. At the insistence of Begbie, Renton is also made to sample the heroin’s purity. The four return to London to make the deal orchestrated by Sick Boy. With some persuasive bartering from Begbie, the group secure £16,000 which they agree to be split equally (£4,000 each). Whilst celebrating at a pub, Renton secretly suggests to Spud that they could both leave with the money, but Spud, motivated by fear of Begbie and loyalty, refuses. Sick Boy interrupts the conversation, making light of Renton and Spud having not left with the money. Renton ripostes saying that he wouldn’t run out on his friends. Surprisingly, Sick Boy says that he could. The moment is broken up when Begbie gets into an argument at the bar, having bumped into a man spilling his drinks. Despite Renton trying to defuse the situation, it’s clear that Begbie cannot be stopped and he violently attacks the man, glassing him in the face (Begbie accidentally slashes Spud’s hand in the process) and kicking him repeatedly on the floor. These events lead Renton to decide that he will attempt to leave and take the money for himself, as he can no longer tolerate his friends. The following morning while the others are asleep, Renton quietly steals the bag of money. Spud, however, is awake and witnesses Renton leaving – and while Renton gestures Spud to join him, Spud refuses again but also keeps quiet as Renton leaves. The theft sends Begbie into a fit of rage and he destroys the hotel room where the group were staying. The police are called and Sick Boy and Spud leave discreetly while Begbie is arrested. The film closes out with Renton walking into his future reconciled that his actions are justifiable – as he was disillusioned with Begbie, felt that Sick Boy would have done the same given the opportunity, but felt bad about Spud, as ”he never hurt anybody”. This prompts Renton to leave Spud’s £4,000 share in a safe deposit box – which Spud is seen collecting at the end of the film.

Action, Comedy, Drama, Crime

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