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As Long As She Needs Me -  cover

As Long As She Needs Me 

Anyone who has worked for someone else knows the endless routine, the twisted psychology, and the near-impossible obstacle course that comprise the daily life of the assistant. And anyone who's gotten married knows that planning a wedding can be similarly daunting. For ten long years, Oscar Campbell has worked as the personal assistant to the legendary Dawn of Dawn Books, as famous for her temper tantrums as for the success of her powerful New York City publishing house. Yet none of Oscar's experiences has prepared him for his greatest challenge: planning his boss's wedding. In the tradition of classic screwball comedies and with flair for modern-day irony, As Long As She Needs Me is a masterful satire of the publishing industry, a romp through the wedding industry, and a sparkling fable of love and luck in Manhattan. Juggling monster agents and mega-authors, passed hors-d'oeuvre options and centerpiece styles, Oscar labors to pull together the event without falling apart in the process. Help arrives in the form of popular wedding columnist Lauren LaRose, with whom Oscar strikes a bargain: his editorial expertise for her nuptial advice. As the two work together to manufacture the romances of others, they stumble into one themselves -- a development that soon has Oscar secretly planning an event of his own. In As Long As She Needs Me, Nicholas Weinstock has crafted an irresistible novel of the highest comedy. A savvy tour through the high-rolling world of the book business and the grueling maze of single life in Manhattan, the novel is a riot of unforgettable characters and -- against all odds -- a love story for our time. Hilarious and wise, literate and charming, As Long As She Needs Me is an utterly delightful achievement.

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    William Morrow
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