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Cook Once a Week -  cover

Cook Once a Week 

Guaranteed to silence the dreaded 5:00 p.m. "What's for dinner?" wail--not to mention a solution to the "pizza or burgers?" dilemma--Cook Once a Week is the innovative cookbook whose easy-to-follow system delivers a week's worth of meals in a single, one-stop planning, shopping and cooking session. This is a book that takes into account what every mom knows: family schedules and budgets are incredibly tight; not everyone will be eating together every night; convenience foods cost; and kids are picky eaters. With Cook Once a Week, Theresa Albert-Ratchford, a personal chef, cooking instructor and food columnist, has done the impossible--she's turned dinner-hour insanity into an enjoyable, family-friendly time. Here's what's inside: From Better Basics to Vegetarian Visitors: 12 balanced, weekly dinner menus, plus a bonus week for the pickiest of kidsStep-by-step recipes that allow you to prepare the whole week's meals in the same amount of time it would take to make just your Sunday dinnerBudget $100 or less for food each week: there's no waste, just lots of great eatingDetailed, photocopy-ready weekly shopping lists that eliminate waste, impulse buying and multiple trips to the grocery storeBreakfast and lunch plans for families on the go, including 10 lunchbox ideasGrab and go: handy tips that incorporate leftovers into fast and tasty all-new mealsInvaluable advice: on nutrition (each recipe has a complete nutritional analysis), getting the kids involved, pantry must-haves, and freezing and serving tipsOver 25 two-minute ideas to make entr?es, side dishes, snacks and desserts

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