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Misfit Magic School - Kindle cover

Misfit Magic School 

Thirteen-year-old Ember Pearson failed her mandatory magic exam, and now there is only one place she can go— the school for magical misfits. Ember is desperate to transfer to a school for real witches, like her celebrity parents and perfect sister. When the only teacher that believes in her vanishes, Ember and her fellow misfits must find a way to bring her home. But with a mix of chaotic powers that include spotty invisibility, baffling psychic visions, and unruly fire manipulation, it won't be easy. Meanwhile, a forgotten danger threatens to change everything, and Ember's family is in the middle of it. Join Ember and her classmates as they investigate their teacher’s disappearance and discover their misfit magic! Misfit Magic School is the thrilling first book in this enchanting middle grade fantasy series for young readers. If you like following underdog heroes on mysterious adventures in imaginative new worlds, you’ll love this magical story. Harry Potter meets X-Men in this fantastical series full of twists and turns. Perfect for fans of The Marvellers, Nevermoor, Amari and the Night Brothers, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and The Forgotten Five.

Fantasy, Supernatural, Children's

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    • Marina J. Bowman
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    Code Pineapple
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    Sep 2022
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