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Viewtiful Joe 2 - Gamecube cover

Viewtiful Joe 2 

Viewtiful Joe 2, known in Japan as Viewtiful Joe 2: Secret of the Black Film (ビューティフル ジョー2 ブラックフィルムの謎 Byūtifuru Jō Tsū: Burakkufirumu no Nazo), is a video game and sequel to Viewtiful Joe. The game was developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom in 2004 for GameCube and PlayStation 2 (PS2). The game's story begins precisely where the original Viewtiful Joe left off, with the beginning of an alien invasion of Movieland by a villainous organization called "Gedow". The group is led by an unseen being known as the "Black Emperor", whose proclaims his goal to collect the special Rainbow Oscars, seven statuettes which contain the "power of the happy ending". Straight from their previous adventure, superhero Viewtiful Joe and his new companion Sexy Silvia quickly charge themselves with stopping Gedow's evil plans. Very similar to its predecessor, Viewtiful Joe 2 is a combination of 2D and 3D cel-shaded graphics with action, platforming, and beat 'em up gameplay elements. Using either of the characters Viewtiful Joe or Sexy Silvia, the player must utilize "VFX Powers" in order to battle enemies and solve puzzles. Any integral part of the gameplay, these special abilities include being able slow down, speed up, zoom into, or replay the onscreen action. Also akin to the original game, Viewtiful Joe 2 sold modestly but garnered considerable praise from critics due its stylish graphics and gameplay.

Fighting, Platform, Side Scrolling

Game Details

  • Graphics:
  • IGN Score:
  • Input Device:
    Controller Game Pad
  • Genres:
    • Fighting
    • Platform
    • Side Scrolling
  • Mode:
    Single Player
  • Awards:
  • Players:

Disc Details

  • Barcode:
  • Publisher:
  • Rating:
  • Release Date:
  • Special Edition:
  • Developer:
    Clover Studio
  • Discs:
  • Media:
    Game Cube Disc
  • Packaging:
    Box Set
  • Country:

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