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Bulldog Drummond: Arrest Bulldog Drummond -  cover

Bulldog Drummond: Arrest Bulldog Drummond 

Bulldog (John Howard (American actor)) & Algy (Reginald Denny (actor)), in the midst of preparations for the former's wedding in London, are summoned to more important matters at the house of an eccentric scientist who has invented a prototype electric "death-ray" device, which has the potential to revolutionize warfare. They find the scientist murdered in mysterious circumstances upon their arrival, and set out on an adventure to find out what's going on and the culprit, aka The Stinger - leading to a spot of bother with Scotland Yard, a dock-yard knife-fight which puts the Bulldog on the missing in action list temporarily, and a trip to the Tropics to foil a master-criminal's attempt to sell the British Empire threatening secret-weapon to a foreign power for the highest price. Of course Phyllis Clavering (Heather Angel (actress)) would have liked to be married that night, but it couldn't, so she flew on a cruise with her aunt Meg (Zeffie Tilbury) to the tropics, where she brought Drummond to the crooks Lady Beryl Ledyard (Jean Fenwick) and Rolf Alferson (George Zucco).


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