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The Oscar -  cover

The Oscar 

Frankie Fane (Boyd), a Tinsel Town heel, has clawed his way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Now, as he is preparing to win his Best Actor Oscar, his one friend, Hymie Kelly (Bennett) reminisces over their life together, and Frankie's ruthless struggle to achieve fame and fortune - and all the people he's stepped on (i.e., everyone else in the movie) to make it to the top. Considered by many to be one of the "worst movies of all time", it none the less featured major Hollywood talent, some in cameos, as themselves, including Merle Oberon, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Hedda Hopper, Army Archerd, Edith Head, Joan Crawford, Bob Hope. Other actors who appeared in small, uncredited parts, included: Edy Williams, Judy Pace, Deanna Lund, Anitra Ford, Phyllis Davis, Thordis Brandt. The film opens with footage of Stars' arrival shot outside an actual mid-Sixties Academy Awards ceremony. According to the Harlan Ellison documentary "Dreams With Sharp Teeth", he wrote the screenplay with Steve McQueen and Peter Falk in mind to play the leads. Stella Stevens was under contract to Columbia Pictures when this film was made and assigned the Jill St. John role but turned it down. The Richard Sale novel on which this film is based followed Frank Fane as he systematically ruined the chances of his four fictitious Oscar rivals. In the movie, the other four Best Actor nominees are actual Hollywood stars, "nominated" as Best Actor for fictitious film titles. Elke Sommer's contract for the film included a provision that she could buy any of the costumes she wore at 35% of cost. She took advantage of the deal and bought outfits and accessories for a total of $5795.30. Production files for the movie at the Academy's Margaret Herrick Library show that the budget for celebrity cameos in the movie was large-Hedda Hopper $200,000, Edith Head $107,000, Bob Hope $550,000, Frank Sinatra $100,000 and Nancy Sinatra $10,000. The compensation for the cast of the movie include Stephen Boyd $125,000, Jill St. John $9,000, Tony Bennett $40,000, Elke Sommer $75,000, Eleanor Parker $30,000, Milton Berle $75,000, Edie Adams $10,000.


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