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Tom Clancy’s Netforce 8 Movies -  cover

Tom Clancy’s Netforce 8 Movies 

My Little Assassin A story of forbidden love and political intrigue rooted in conspiracy, My Little Assassin is the true account of Marita Lorenz, Fidel Castro’s mistress turned trained assassin. The President’s Plane is Missing Air Force One mysteriously disappears off the radar with the President on board. Now the fate of the nation lies in the unsteady hands of the second in command. Infinite Justice After losing his sister in the 9/11 attack, a reporter travels to Pakistan to investigate the responsible parties. Crash Dive A Navy legend (Michael Dudikoff) attempts to stop terrorists in control of an atomic submarine. Tom Clancy’s Netforce In a world where crime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, no one can catch the new breed of technology-savvy crooks. No one except the NetForce. Code Name: Dancer Anne abandons her mundane life and returns to the CIA when she gets word that her former partner is held captive in Cuba. Terminal Countdown The U.S. military tries to stop a secret missile from launching, but a traitor redirects its target—sending it straight for Washington D.C. Hangmen CIA Agent Rob Greene is locked in a battle with a notorious criminal, but the stakes are raised when his son becomes involved. Co-starring Sandra Bullock.


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